EtherRockets is a decentralized app powered by the Ethereum blockchain. We offer users the chance to own, trade and compete with virtual rockets in a unique way.

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Rockets are functionable and collectible digital assets that EtherRockets is centered on. You can obtain rockets in one of two ways - buying from the store or from other players on the marketplace. Rockets purchased on the store have a variable range of stats. For example, the starter rocket has a range of 16,000-18,000 for its "top speed" stat and is only discover-able after you purchase the rocket. This results in over 100,000 unique combinations of rockets for each type.

Aside from collecting rockets for their quality, they may also be used (and reused) for the mini-game portion of EtherRockets: missions. Missions are similar to quests in video games, and in this case, you can choose the rocket that you own to embark on an mission. Once you have accepted a mission, you calibrate your rocket relevant to the mission criteria (where the destination is). You must adjust your Fuel Consumption, Thrust Intensity and other factors to try and reach the mission target as close as possible. The top 10 players for each mission receive a share of the entire prize pool (comprised of all mission entry fees) in Ether.

Yes, each rocket has a unique "roll" of stats: Top Speed, Thrust, Weight and Fuel Capacity. These stats influence the performance of your rocket in missions.

Yes. The stats of your rocket are upgraded if you achieve a top 10 ranking on a mission's leaderboard. The stats will be improved and reflected in your hangar portfolio, thus improving your rocket's performance in future missions.

Each of a rocket's stats has a Perfection rating, which when averaged determine the Grade of a rocket from A-E. These have been assigned colors which make it easier to identify how high the rocket's stats are at a glance.

Missions allow you to compete against other players to win prizes and upgrades for your rocket. Your goal is to calibrate your launch sequence to get as close to the target distance as possible.

First, you need to own a rocket capable of reaching the target distance. The subtitle indicator will tell you if one of the rockets you own qualifies.

You can view the current participants of that mission in the leaderboard section to see their performance. Top 10 ranking players will receive a share of the total prize pool (determined by total entries). The breakdown is 50% for 1st, 25% for 2nd, 12.5% for 3rd, and so on. In addition, the top 10 players will also receive an upgrade for the rocket they used, which boosts their rocket's stats and value.

We use Ethereum Smart Contracts to power the entire game, which you interact with through your browser or Ethereum client. Any action that changes game state (buying, selling, launching, etc) requires you to send a transaction to the Ethereum network which executes the relevant code in our Smart Contract.

Yes, buying and entering missions costs Ether.

You'll need to install a browser-based Ethereum wallet to use this app. We recommend MetaMask. Just install the extension, go through the setup process and refresh this page.